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You Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

Where do you hold your teaching sessions?

All lessons are done online via Google Meet.

Do you have a specific teaching qualification?

I have a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Mathematics Education 

How do you charge for your teaching services?

I charge per hour. Please visit the page with all services.

What is your expertise?

I specialize in tutoring of  secondary school children who need to improve their grades or are preparing for difficult exams. However, I also tutor adults.

Can adults also be tutored by you?

I provide individual classes, and I also prepare adults for admission and secondary school-leaving exams if they decide to finish these in adulthood.

What are your methods of teaching?

My method is one-on-one tutoring, where I always works with only one student. Every pupil and student has completely different needs, and only this approach will allow me to prepare tutoring tailored to everyone. However, I do offer group tuition.

Why should I choose tutoring at Jackson's Maths Tuition?

When using the services of Jackson's Maths Tuition, you avoid the usual difficulties of having other private tutors. Unreliability, non-punctuality, or insufficient proficiency are something you will not encounter at Jackson's Maths Tuition.

Do you have another question? Call or email me and I will gladly respond.

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